Aircraft metal suppliers | High-precision alloys, cut-to-spec & on-time delivery

The first link in the chain for aircraft manufacture

Modern aircraft are assembled with high-precision materials. We are the industry leaders when it comes to supplying these materials. Cut exactly to specification and delivered just-in-time, we are one of the first links in a long chain that transforms metal alloys into finished aircraft components.

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thyssenkrupp Aerospace: Streamlined machining, reduced inspection & faster delivery

thyssenkrupp Aerospace is partner of choice for many ambitious customers in the industry. In addition to our unrivalled machining services, we remove process bottlenecks by eliminating redundant in-house inspection and testing. This leads to considerable time savings and cost reductions.

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Supply Chain Management

Improved material supply chain: secure supplies, lower costs, better info flow, higher efficiency

Our commitment to reshaping the material supply chain will bring several welcome benefits to our customers, including secure supplies, reduced logistics costs, improved information flows and more efficiency.

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