Materials as a Service means secure and consistent supplies

By taking control of the entire service, from procurement to materials processing to supply chain management, we can guarantee secure and consistent supplies for long-running aerospace manufacturing programs. Not only that, by delivering Materials as a Service we will reduce your inventory levels, offer complete supply chain visibility, and lower your costs.

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Did you know...

Martina Merz

...that most modern aircraft consist of 50% aluminum?

Aluminum offers corrosion resistance and a high strength-to-weight ratio. This makes it easier for aircraft to reach a flight speed of around 900km/h while keeping fuel consumption low.

As the largest materials distributor in the Western hemisphere, we guarantee the supply of this vital metal for our customers. Through expert advice, reliability, and a large stock of materials, we make sure our clients get their materials just-in-time wherever they need it.

Quality management—getting it right first time, every time

Dr. Klaus Keysberg

Our commitment to quality and operational excellence throughout our extensive global network of sites is never-ending. We aim to constantly develop and improve what we do so that we can focus on what is important: our customers and their requirements.

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