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About us

thyssenkrupp Aerospace Netherlands is a company that’s part of the thyssenkrupp Aerospace Group. It has the expertise and industry leading knowledge to advise and supply our customers with a comprehensive range of high-grade metals. Our product range includes aluminium, titanium, steel, aluminium bronze, nickel and copper alloys as well as non-metallic materials in every form and type: Our value proposition includes a wide range of supply chain and manufacturing services for partners in demanding and industries such as Aerospace, Motorsports, Power Generation, Semiconductors and High Technology. We procure, store and process raw materials to meet our customers’ precise specifications.

Given today’s immense competitive pressure on production to be fast, cost effective and of the highest standards, we understand the enormous challenges for manufacturing companies in the industries we serve. As their partner, our customers expect us to excel through reliability, best prices, on-time delivery and excellent material quality.

We have years of experience serving customers around the world. We are perfectly positioned to be your dedicated and competent partner when it comes to special materials, even in small quantities.


thyssenkrupp Aerospace Netherlands materials

Our comprehensive service portfolio allows us to satisfy a wide range of material demands, regardless of form or quantity. The wide range of materials, shapes and sizes allows us to take into account the requirements of the entire industry, national guidelines, and even very specific customer specifications. Additionally, we have relationships with the leading mills to accommodate special requirements for extra sizes or unusual quantities. By focusing on your material and information flows, we are able optimize our supply processes for raw and finished materials. If needed, we can also offer material supplies for an entire program, consistent in quality and based on international service standards. Our product range includes aluminium, titanium, steel, aluminium bronze, nickel and copper alloys as well as non-metallic materials in every form and type:

  • 300M, 4340, 4330, 4130

  • 13-8MO, 17-4PH, 15-5PH

  • Custom465

  • Toughmet

  • Inconel

  • Titanium grade 5 sheets, bars and forging

  • All different AMS, DIN, WN, LN, AMS, BS,

  • MSRR, AFNOR specs

Our integrated network of state-of-the-art facilities allows us to keep supply routes short all across the world. Since we work with the world’s leading material producers, we can guarantee that our material supply is always available. Our just-in-time strategy supports smooth and seamless production processes and reduces warehousing for our customers.

Our inventory strategy makes allowances for unscheduled developments and puts us in a position to supply the required materials, even at short notice. Thanks to strategic procurement planning in combination with our close contacts to suppliers, we help our customers improve cost efficiency.

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thyssenkrupp Aerospace Netherlands services

thyssenkrupp Aerospace Netherlands has many years experience in delivering high-quality warehousing and logistics service:

  • Coordination of sub-contractor deliveries

  • Storage of vendor or customer-managed inventory (VMI)

  • Kitting of parts

  • Just-in-time delivery of kits to point of use and in-plant logistics

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