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About us

Customized global supply chain solutions for the aerospace industry

We are thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a thyssenkrupp Materials Services company and partner for the world’s leading aerospace companies and their supply chains. We reduce the complexity of our customers' supply chain by:

Just-in-time deliveries at thyssenkrupp Aerospace

Understanding customer needs

Passionate employees at thyssenkrupp Aerospace collaborate to deliver integrated supply chain solutions for our clients’ manufacturing needs. It all starts by listening closely to each customer to truly understand their requirements and unique strategic goals.

Warehousing and sophisticated logistical services at thyssenkrupp Aerospace

Providing customers with warehousing and sophisticated logistical services

Our product range includes aluminum, titanium, steel, aluminum bronze, nickel and copper alloys as well as non-metallic materials in every form and type. We provide outstanding material sourcing services, geared towards the specific requirements of our clients. With our integrated network of state-of-the-art facilities, we keep supply routes short all over the world. As we work with the world’s leading material producers, the continuity of material supply is assured. Our comprehensive service portfolio allows us to satisfy varied material demands, independent of form or quantity. The broad spectrum of material types, products forms and sizes takes national as well as aircraft manufacturer’s proprietary specifications into account. Additionally, we have relationships with the leading mills to accommodate special requirements for extra sizes or unusual quantities. As an organization we can offer material supply with value added services to our customers.

High-precision processing services with thyssenkrupp Aerospace

World class material processing

We supply more than just full-size materials. We deliver material cut to size and machined exactly to our client’s requirements. It fits in perfectly with their manufacturing operations and can be processed immediately. To this end, we offer a variety of high precision processing services, e.g. cutting to size and tailored first stage CNC machining. Further services include contour sawing for circles, rings, and special shapes, routed shapes in sheet materials, as well as drilling, tapping and laminating. We employ state-of-the-art technologies for our processing services; these include machines for cutting aluminum, steel and titanium plates and sheets. Waterjet cutting is also part of our services. With a pressure of 6,000 bar, waterjet cuts metal as well as non-metallic materials at three times the speed of sound, without causing heat-generated structural change. As a result, the cut edges are virtually burr free, which reduces finishing operations.

Customer proximity at thyssenkrupp Aerospace

Always close to our clients

As a global enterprise we are part of the worldwide thyssenkrupp network. With more than 40 locations in around 20 countries, our global presence is a key advantage in cooperating with us. Our strong local presence allows us to cooperate closely with our customers and their subcontractors, while gaining an in-depth appreciation of their specific needs. Based on our global presence, we offer an unmatched logistics infrastructure to support customers and operations around the world. It helps us to provide truly responsive local services, ranging from raw material management to finished parts kitting. Our locations have been approved to EN/AS 9100 and/or EN/AS 9120 standards by the world’s leading aerospace certification companies. Our employees are well trained to meet our clients’ quality expectations, ensuring full lot traceability of every item we supply.

Just-in-time deliveries at thyssenkrupp Aerospace

Just-in-time deliveries to secure your supply chain

Our just-in-time strategy supports smooth and seamless production processes and reduces warehousing on the client’s part. Focusing on our customer’s material and information flow, we optimize our supply processes of raw and finished materials. If needed, we can offer material supplies for an entire program, consistent in quality and based on international service standards. With our integrated services we help reduce costs, while improving the supply chain’s visibility and reliability at the same time. Our clients benefit from high levels of customized services, e.g. contractual “service provider” agreements with suppliers. Working closely with our customers, we are able to identify demands early. Since our inventory strategy is based on experience, it makes allowances for unscheduled developments and puts us in a position to supply the required materials, even at short notice. Thanks to strategic procurement planning in combination with our close contacts with suppliers, we help our clients improve cost efficiency. We support seamless production processes and improve the supply chain’s visibility and reliability.

To ensure Right First Time quality thyssenkrupp Aerospace only purchases from suppliers who have been approved to international standards and where required in accordance with the requirements of individual customers. Supplier performance is constantly monitored and corrective action implemented to ensure the agreed service levels are achieved. We work in partnership with suppliers to provide a comprehensive technical service to our customers.