Mar 30, 2020 2:32 PM

AVIC Chenfei Commercial Aircraft Corporation awards thyssenkrupp Aerospace for Airbus A320 project aluminum package

thyssenkrupp convinces AVIC Chenfei Commercial Aircraft Corporation in Chengdu (CCAC) with its “Materials as a Service” concept, which includes an onsite warehousing solution, and is awarded an additional work package with 1,200 metric tons of aluminum.

Among other commercial airplane programs manufactured and assembled by CCAC, thyssenkrupp Aerospace issues aluminum parts in the right dimension at the point of use.

For this service, thyssenkrupp Aerospace in Suzhou has installed a satellite facility on CCAC’s premises in Chengdu. Raw materials are being sourced locally in China and processed in thyssenkrupp’s free-trade-zone location in Suzhou. Precision cutting, further processing and quality checks – all happen in the Suzhou facility. The local team’s optimized material planning then ensures the right supply levels to Chengdu by safe river transport.

“We are proud that CCAC chose thyssenkrupp Aerospace with its proven service base to power their raw material supply chain over several thousand part numbers and over 2,000 kilometers in distance”, says Martin Buchmüller, CEO of thyssenkrupp Aerospace in China.

About thyssenkrupp Aerospace

As one of the world's leading service providers in the market for raw materials, processing services and the management of complex supply chains, thyssenkrupp Aerospace supplies the required materials just-in-time, cut and machined exactly to customer specifications. The aim is for customers to be able to concentrate fully on their core business. The company has a global network of 21 countries.


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