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Sustain, Sort, Set in order, Safety, Shine, Standardize

6S is a methodology used to target and reduce waste that is created through disorganised work places. It forms the basic starting point for further improvements using Process Analysis or 8 Wastes and Standard Work and Daily Management.

The core benefits of 6S are:

  • Low cost, high impact

  • Team involvement

  • Makes the 8 Wastes visible

Originally translated from 5 Japanese words also beginning with “S”, the 6th S comes in the form of keeping “Safety” at the centre of everything that the 5S method is aiming to achieve. Each of the S’s should be performed in sequence as described in the visualization below.

6S need not be limited to warehouse environments; it can bring the same benefits to office environments.

Workplace organization using 6S

6S Top Trumps at a glance